The Lagoon of Bacalar, Mexico

After my 16 nights spent in Tulum, I had to get my ass south and was recommended by many backpackers that before I hit Belize, I stop off in a place called Bacalar, a small town near the border that sat around a lagoon famous for being known as the lake of 7 colours (I managed to spot 4, but then again, I’m colourblind…).

I had my first dilemma with regards to the weather here in this part of the world during the months of June to around September. Stupidly I didn’t realise that it was the rainy season in Central America and the weather was beginning to get noticeably worse. I even got to the point of planning my escape from here and checking flights to South East Asia – only to realise that it was also the rainy season there.

Ironically, the place I tried to get away from because of their shitty climate of dark, cold and wet winters was now hitting summer, and seeing pictures sent from my friends and relatives having barbeques in the garden or enjoying the beer and rooftop gardens in London made me miss home for the first time. As much as I hate every other part of the year there, the summers in England (when they do last) are something that I truly love.

I arrived in the town alone, and headed straight to a place called Magic Bacalar which was right on the lagoon and had an amazing dock. My plan was to sit on the hammock of this dock and watch the thunderstorms into the night.

Marsha, one of the Dutch girls I travelled to Cuba with arrived the following day and we had an great day of kayaking around the lagoon, drinking and chatting with the other backpackers at the hostel on the dock. One night when we were sitting on the dock with a Mexican guy we’d met from the capital city, and a couple of others having -drinks- and listening to the light patter of rain bounce off the lagoon. The Mexican guy accidentally dropped a coin into the water below.

“You have to make a wish now. It’s like a wishing fountain” Marsha says. “What do you want to wish for?”

After a brief pause the (now pretty -drunk-) Mexican guy says “…that we all piss at the same time.”


We all burst out laughing. “That’s what you’d pick? That we all just start pissing?!”

“No! That we all piss at the same time into the lagoon and switch lives with each other.”

“Ahhh like in the movies…”

I had to hand it to him, that was a pretty original wish. We then got into the conversations about what it would be like to live the lives of the opposite sex. “If I was a girl, I’d have sex all the time!” he tells us.

“So you’d have sex with guys?”


More laughter ensued.

The -drunken- conversation then continued to where the most beautiful women were in this part of the world. Columbia was a common response. Brazil was also mentioned.

“Ahhhh Brazil.” The Mexican says, looking up and into the distance as he said it.

“Have you been?”


We burst out laughing once more. “He was totally picturing asses everywhere when he said that.”

On our final night we headed to a recommended restaurant with everyone at the hostel called La Playita – again, right on the lagoon and had a great meal. It was here that I discovered one of the guys we’d met at the hostel was a magician by trade (and part of the circle of magic). Our conversation turned to when me and Marsha visited Cuba and how I went to go to the Manana music festival there in Santiago. It turned out that he was also there, performing magic at the festival site (I somehow didn’t bump into him) and was invited to go and visit one of the mansions owned by one of the Castros. He described the opulence of where he visited, the art they owned that were worth millions, and more.

The following morning we were joined by Emma (the other Dutch girl I’d been travelling with) and headed to Caye Caulker in Belize for the next stop of our trip.

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