Celebrating my birthday on Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Isla Mujeres is an island east off the coast of Mexico, close to Cancun and well worth visiting for Playa Norte beach alone.

I was planning on skipping this island as I’d heard it was similar to Cancun but decided to head there with Emma (one of the Dutch girls I’d travelled to Cuba with) as we’d planned to meet another Emma (hope you’re keeping up…) that we first met on Isla Holbox.

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

Leaving the port in Cancun to head to Isla Mujeres [Download image for VR]

There’s basically only one hostel to stay at on Isla Mujeres and that is Poc-Na – it’s right on the beach about 10 minutes walk from Playa Norte, and every evening there is something planned, be it a live band or a night at the beach bar that went on until something like 2/3am (not the place to stay if you’re planning on getting some sleep).

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

[Download image for VR]

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

On Playa Norte Beach [Download image for VR]

This was the first time that I’ve ever spent my birthday away from any of my family but again, it’s hard to feel alone when you’re surrounded by people that you have so much fun and feel so comfortable with despite having known for a couple of days/weeks.

These final pictures were all from that day:

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

Breakfast [Download image for VR]

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

On a rented golf cart riding around the island [Download image for VR]

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

In one of the most beautiful churches overlooking the sea [Download image for VR]

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

(What’s left of) the Mayan ruins of Punta Sur. Amazing views. [Download image for VR]

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

Watching the amazing skies at sunset while drunk and sandwiched by the two Emmas. [Download image for VR]

Random moments/memories from my time at Isla Mujeres (fuck I wish I wrote down more…):

  • Having just been served our nachos and beer while sitting on the beach by the sea, Emma turns to me and says “do you realise you’re living the dream right now?” – sometimes you forget about the moment you’re in and it helps to be reminded. Thanks Emma.
  • Emma (native Dutch speaker) asking me: “Do I sound like a retarded when I speak English?”
  • Australian Emma being kicked out of her apartment a day early and helping her take her stuff back to Cancun before she flew back home to Australia.
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